To manage our environmental, social and governance responsibilities, Metcash have developed a Sustainability Strategy. The Strategy outlines key targets relating to environment, society and governance as well as projects planned to achieve the targets. The Strategy is organised into four key areas each with goals:

Our Business: Goals

  • Sustainable Buildings – through retrofit of existing buildings and integrating sustainability into the design of new buildings
  • Consolidated Logistics – consolidating inbound and outbound trips, and smart design of product packaging
  • Tangible Resource Efficiencies – through the setting of targets and identification of capital works projects to meet them
  • Guide and Report Sustainable Work – through our site based Environmental Management System and monthly internal carbon reports to site managers
  • Informed & Engaged Staff – through our volunteer site based “Green Teams”, staff publications, and our online induction training module
  • Informed & Engaged Community – commencing the publication of an annual Corporate Responsibility report to coincide with our statutory reporting in November each year

Our Products: Goals

  • Improve Product Packaging, Range + Reporting – through use of an online sustainable design tool for every new product’s packaging
  • Sell More Eco-Friendlier Products – through development of new eco-friendly products and improvement of existing products

Our Suppliers: Goals

  • Improve Supplier Sustainability – our program to question supplier’s practices to ensure they meet minimum standards, with results used to encourage supplier action

Our Customers: Goals

  • Improve Customer Sustainability – through our IGA customer support program, Sustainability@Retail offering energy & water surveys / retrofits and better store design

Metcash reports broadly on our environmental, social and governance performance in the Metcash Annual Report. From 2010, we anticipate also preparing an annual Corporate Responsibility report to coincide with our statutory reporting, including National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting and the National / Australian Packaging Covenant, in November each year.

Metcash also responds to a number of voluntary reporting requirements which provide additional information about how we manage and perform on corporate responsibility issues:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • National Packaging Covenant / Australian Packaging Covenant
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting