The eTrade project is focused on transforming our supply chain interactions from paper based communication to electronic engagement protocols.

The eTrade project will be focussed on the Metcash Food & Grocery (formerly IGA and Campbells) divisions.

Metcash’s eTrade strategy will provide the following benefits for suppliers:

  • EDI ordering system ensures orders are not missed
  • Faster truck turnaround at DCs using ASN to manage inbound deliveries
  • Reduced order errors from misaligned data (e.g. GTIN)
  • Faster re-ordering from POA to reduce potential out of stocks
  • Utilise industry standard EDI protocols
  • Faster invoice processing
  • The opportunity to be involved with the Express Receipting program

Metcash will seek to transition suppliers to EDI messaging for the following key documents:

  • Purchase Order (PO) (ORDERS)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) (ORDRSP)
  • Advance Shipping Note (ASN) (DESADV)
  • Electronic Invoice (eInv) (INVOIC)
  • Functional Acknowledgement (FA) (CONTRL)


If you require more information on any matter concerning Metcash and our position, please contact:

Will Cartwright
eBusiness Team Leader
(02) 9741 3581/0429 489 875

eBusiness Vendor Engagement Team
1800 991 097