The eData project is focused on receiving key item information from suppliers via a GDSN-certified (Global Data Synchronisation Network) data pool. This data set goes beyond the Core and Pricing attributes Metcash have sought to date and includes additional information in the areas of: Marketing, Nutrition, Quality, Hazmat, Quarantine and Liquor.

The eData project will be focused on the Metcash Food & Grocery (formerly IGA and Campbells) divisions.

Metcash’s eTrade strategy will provide the following benefits for suppliers:

  • Reduced administration costs for handling paper orders/UBFs
  • Reduced claims from misaligned pricing
  • Reduced order errors from misaligned data (e.g. GTIN)
  • Synchronised item and pricing data with suppliers

Suppliers that are currently using the GS1 National Product Catalogue (NPC) will continue to be able to utilise this solution to supply Metcash with all required data attributes for the eData project.

NPC is the Australasian industry data pool administered by GS1 Australia / New Zealand which was established in 1997. GS1 Australia are currently working with Metcash to further utilise the Food & Beverage and Local Data Dictionary (LDD) catalogue extensions to ensure all Metcash data requirements can be met. They will also be providing a range of additional support service to suppliers to assist with on-boarding to Metcash’s eData initiative.

Participation will allow your organisation to benefit from the following:

  • provides the integrity of data that is needed to support electronic trading
  • provides a single standardised source of accurate data for trading partners in every industry and at every step of the supply chain
  • is the essential foundation for accurate business to business electronic trading
  • based on global standards, enables trading partners to synchronise their static and pricing data
  • allows customer specific price information, the use of product images for shelf-management and the ability to control new product releases to specific trading partners prior to their public release

As industry moves towards this format, it is important for trading partners to appreciate that Metcash requires:

  • Lodgement of all price changes 4 weeks prior to the effective date
  • Trading partners to have agreement for new product ranging with relevant National Buyer prior to NPC upload

For more information, please refer to the link below:

If you require more information on any matter concerning Metcash and our position, please contact:

Metcash eData
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Will Cartwright
eBusiness Team Leader
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