Sustainable Supply Chain Program

Metcash recognises that our total social, ethical and environmental impacts are derived in our supply chain as well as from our own activities.

In our supply chain we seek to ensure that:

  • Our suppliers are aware of the specific environmental, social and ethical issues, risks and opportunities relevant to their operations and products
  • Our suppliers operate to internationally recognised standards of practice
  • Our higher spend and risk suppliers have management systems in place to address associated issues, risks and opportunities
  • These systems are delivering effective performance management and improvement

The Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) program to implement and manage this process is currently under development following review of best practice examples of SSCM within Australia and internationally.

A notation and summary of the key requirements of the Sustainable Supply Chain Management program are included in the upcoming new Corporate Brands Supplier Agreement, and suppliers will be engaged in the roll out of the SSCM program in due course. The program be comprised of a mandatory survey, risk assessment, random audits, and support to improve sustainability via a negotiated action plan process with agreed actions and timeframes for achievement. The SSCM program will cover the following key areas:

  • A. Governance continuous improvement
  • B. Environmental Management minimise risk
    • B1. Energy and Climate reduce costs & carbon emissions
    • B2. Packaging Reduce waste and enhance quality
    • B3. Material Efficiency Reduce waste and enhance quality
    • B4. Natural Resources High quality, responsibly sourced raw materials
  • C. Social Responsibility Responsible & ethical production
  • D. Animal Welfare Responsible & ethical production
  • E. Supplier Management Responsible and ethical influence

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Program is governed by the Metcash Sustainable Supply Chain Policy and includes the Metcash Sustainable Supply Chain – Supplier Questionnaire which specifies the principal sustainability requirements our suppliers are required to address.

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