Metcash is committed to building a sustainable community for our people; one that is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. We rise to meet challenges through integrated solutions, considering our people and our environment. This approach takes a long-term perspective—we are focused on the present and future, well beyond the next budget or financial results.

We endeavour to continuously improve our corporate social responsibility and the sustainability performance of our company, our customers, and our suppliers, and conduct our business in a socially responsible manner while reducing the cost of doing business to ensure that we are a market leader in the marketing and distribution of food and other fast moving consumer goods. Our sustainable community’s success depends upon our members’ commitment and involvement. Our businesses, our brands and our people, recognise our responsibility to manage our human, natural and financial resources to ensure Our Purpose, Successful Independents.

How We Meet Our Commitment

Our internal Metcash Sustainability Strategy was developed to embrace opportunities and manage risks through the recognition of our environmental, social, governance and economic responsibilities. The Strategy is supported by key initiatives such as our Environmental Management System – currently under development to achieve ISO14001 certification.

Metcash will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and adhere to regulatory standards at local, national and international levels as required;
  • Set and communicate meaningful sustainability objectives and targets to continue to reduce natural resource use and minimise and prevent adverse environmental impacts;
  • Actively prevent pollution
  • Ensure we act in a socially responsible manner in regards to the management of our people, our communities and resources;
  • Integrate principles of sustainability into decision making at all levels;
  • Support our suppliers, customers and communities to become more socially responsible and sustainable;
  • Report openly and transparently on our progress toward achieving these goals;
  • Commit to continuous improvement of sustainability performance.

Metcash seeks to engage the active and enthusiastic support of all employees and stakeholders, as it is by working together that Metcash will make the most positive impact on sustainability performance. It is expected that the Metcash Sustainability Strategy will deliver initiatives that will reduce costs, carbon emissions, waste, water use, and deliver other business benefits such as positive listing on shareholder indexes and a reduction in risk. Accountability and responsibility to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner is everyone’s responsibility at Metcash. Metcash anticipates that through working together, sharing successes, and improving all aspects of the business, Metcash will be a sustainable leader in the marketing and distribution of groceries and other fast moving consumer goods.

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